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Bella Singleton is a young British designer redefining the classic silk scarf. After studying Printed Textiles at university and selling her prints freelance to various fashion houses, Bella started the Bella Singleton brand in 2015 with a view to updating the silk scarf to become a truly contemporary accessory. Her designs have already been featured in You Magazine, Stella (The Sunday Telegraph fashion supplement) and Country Life among others. Made in England (Sussex), Bella Singleton scarves are stocked at The Tate Gallery, British Library and Young British Designers shops.

Here I ask Bella about her inspirations, what advice she’d give to anyone hoping to start their own fashion and accessories brand and what makes her happy.

What inspires you? The only direct inspiration I take is from researching imagery through exhibitions and Pinterest. I don’t tend to go looking for inspiration, things filter through to my designs. I always make sure to look at other disciplines of art and design other than my own too. I find jewellery design truly inspiring and would love to gone into that if it hadn’t been print design.

How would you describe your label in three words?  Playful, stylised, contemporary.

What advice would you give to anyone setting up an accessories brand from scratch today?  To remember that it is a long term decision and that unless you have experience or can afford to employ people in sales, marketing, photography, everything else other than design will take longer, and that’s fine. Don’t get too frustrated with the gradual learning process!

What’s your idea of beauty? I find so many varying images, colours, people and textures beautiful, so it’s almost impossible to say. I have very eclectic taste in design and therefore beauty.

What do you want your customers to feel like when they wear your scarves? How does it enhance their life?  With my scarves you don’t need to think about your outfit too much. They make you feel confident because you’re wearing something unique yet without the commitment that comes with unique clothing or them being the wrong fit or feeling uncomfortable.

What’s been your biggest challenge for the business to date?  My biggest challenge was working part time jobs and trying to build the brand to a certain point whilst doing that. Now that I’m working full time on the brand, things are focused and it’s nice seeing how quickly I’ve learnt things since that’s happened.

What do you think is the biggest opportunity ahead for your brand?  To secure some international stockists. I’m going to be at Premiere Classe tradeshow in Paris next year and this should open things up.

What makes you happy?  Being able to see the stars  at night now I’ve left London is making me happy at the moment! Looking at creative things when I’m on my own with no one else to cloud your thoughts also makes me very happy.

Running a business is all consuming – how do you switch off?  I switch off when I know that I have nothing really pressing to complete. Other than that it’s tricky and I don’t sleep. Reading at night is the only thing that helps to switch off my brain from my work.

What does a scarf mean to you?  A scarf now that I’m the designer of a scarf brand is nostalgic actually. They signify ease when I wake up in the morning and need to look like I made an effort.

Who would your dream or ideal collaboration be with? I would love to collaborate with many womenswear brands looking to design a new range of simplistic garments that have patterns with a difference. I’ve just collaborated with Camilla Rose Millinery on some exclusive hats coming out in the Spring!

What’s the long term vision for your brand? To build a brand with many diverse collections, a scarf for everyone.

Describe your personal style?  Very casual but I do like crazy pieces that I can put together with jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket.

What’s the best way to style one of your scarves?  Basics are a must to accompany all scarves. My new AW17 scarf collection is particularly great if you work in an office and your everyday suits get boring. You can change your entire look with these super skinny scarves, and  they’re so comfy you won’t even notice you’re wearing them!


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 | The Sea Of Beauty scarf in blue |


 | Guatemala Skinny Scarf from the Vagar collection by Bella Singleton |



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