“Oh hi – I didn’t see you there. Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by – I’m excited to have you here!

One day sooner or later this blog was bound to happen, but it’s taken me an age to get here. Up until now, I’ve had ideas and lightbulb moments aplenty, but never really had the confidence to put it out there and just go for it (the curse of an introvert perfectionist). Motherhood and work took priority for a few years and apart from Facebook, I wasn’t even that keyed in to the digital world – until now that is.

With Sashdujour, I wanted to challenge myself to start something new, learn more about the brave new online world of social media and all its opportunities, get out there and sod the voices in my head that talk me out of stuff because I’m worried the results won’t be perfect.

Sashdujour aims to be a safe, friendly space for women, mothers, anyone to enjoy. The key is in the title, in that as working mothers and professionals, we take on many different roles daily and I hope the site will reflect this. I truly feel there aren’t enough platforms out there for women my age, so I wanted to create one! I would love for Sashdujour to be a sanctuary for myself and others to come to for a bit of fashion, style, ideas on work and life, info/discussion on health, fitness, wellbeing and parenthood; mainly aimed at women over 35, but not exclusively so. This is not an uber-filtered, jet set lifestyle I’m peddling (I’ll leave that to the Millennials), after all, I am a realist and a mother to boys.

Don’t get me wrong – I *love* beautiful things, a lot. But this is about seeking out an understated, simpler luxury. It’s well-made clothes, quality food, a decent coffee, funny conversations with friends and time to yourself once in a while. It’s about finding elegance in the every day and amongst the mayhem of work and school runs, an easier, slightly calmer life (hopefully!)

There’s nothing I like more than sharing the talents of others (once a PR always a PR), so in the spirit of collaboration and women supporting one another, my regular What She Does feature will showcase female entrepreneurs, creatives and working mums, local and beyond.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh and please get in touch if you have any questions or just want to say hello – my door is always open or at least slightly ajar.”

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