Three Reasons Why – Realisation Par

Welcome dear readers to what will be a regular slot here on SDJ, featuring well-known and lesser known brands and yes you guessed it, THREE reasons why they are worthy of our buying power. In an ongoing bid to buy less and buy quality over quantity (see my feature on fast fashion here from last year), I will be looking at staying power, lasting design and the cachet that warrants you saving up and paying more for something rather than buying numerous lesser versions of it.

In fact I did this myself with Realisation Par. 

About two years ago I started to love the look of the clothing seeing it on favourite mega bloggers such as Lucy Williams. Case in point – The Naomi leopard print skirt was THE hit of the summer and all OVER Insta, along with its many imitators.

Realisation Par’s Insta feed and website exudes that cool girl, gives zero f***s Californian subcultural vibe that works so well on social media. I bought a couple of tops from H&M that mimicked their look but sadly they just didn’t quite work or give the requisite look. In fact the brand shows genius at making followers feel part of a fun-loving girl gang with dresses, tops and skirts that are sexy and youthful and maybe I even fell for this clever marketing ploy.

So, where does a not-so-youthful, curvy size 10 mum like me fit into all this I thought? All the models on their Insta feed and online look to be stick thin, size 0 whippets (no offence to thin size zero girls of course!) Aside from the odd pic of a larger figure, thin and rangy seems to be the norm and not much in between (the fashion world has YET to wake up to the fact that there are women who are in between a size 6 and a size 16 but that’s another blog post). Never one to be defeated in these things, I resolved that I would save my pennies and one day I’d purchase one of their pieces and I would sure as hell make it work. So the Black Friday sales came and I got 30% off the Kaia Sid top below. Now these tops are certainly not cheap, so here are Three Reasons Why they warrant their price tag.

  • They are cut REALLY well. As soon as I put on the Kaia, I noticed it. Form fitting with a wide waistband that goes all the way up to the bust, accentuating your middle whilst giving the impression of nipping it in. The gathering on the shoulders and near the cuffs are all designed and stitched really nicely. This piece certainly knows how to flatter. It may be a tad too low cut for many, but it’s a party top really, meant to be worn in the spirit of fun and animation. So you either commit yourself to it and wear it lower cut without worrying or a simple black cami underneath if you are feeling less confident. The neckline is super pretty and feminine and the bell sleeves just add that little bit of retro panache.


  • Details. The detailing is lovely on the piece. The silk fabric itself is velvety and of excellent quality making it very comfortable to wear. The pattern of hearts is fun and cutesy and dotted around the fabric is a tiny logo stating ‘for real’. Three small  buttons at the cuff all add to the feeling you are getting something a little bit special here.


  • Versatility. I wore the top with blue MIH jeans and a silk vintage scarf used as a cumberbund as well as with a black Zara pencil skirt and black opaque tights and high platformboots. Both gave the look I wanted and could be worn anywhere really. A black velvet blazer over the top with the jeans and it would be just parfait. All in all a cute and insouciant addition to my winter wardrobe that I can see myself wearing again and again. Scroll down for all the pics and don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments below. Have a lovely weekend mes amies. xxxx

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