The Spring that Never Was…

Is it just me or has this Spring/Winter hybrid season thing we’ve been experiencing been going on forever oh and EVER? A mere four degrees Celsius with icy rain a day before the month of May and all hell breaks loose especially on Social Media. Outpourings of ‘WTAF’ and ‘Y THO’ gifs and hashtags say it all. Granted – it’s beautiful today here in the South East of England. But who can blame us or anyone for the British obsession with our weather? Recent news suggested that global warming is having an even bigger impact than previously thought on the all important Gulf Stream – the giant ocean current that significantly helps to control Northern Hemisphere climate. Scientific research suggests a weakened Gulf Stream means Europe is particularly vulnerable to freezing and longer winters. Clearly I’m no expert and it’s a complex correlation, but this really makes you think doesn’t it?


It also makes me even more determined to spread my new mantra of ‘Quality Over Quantity’ when it comes to fashion and the industry in general. I’m a tiny, miniscule, microscopic cog in a giant billion dollar business but we can all do our bit. Let’s try and stop buying all the cheap nylons and polyester clothing with huge carbon footprints and polluting factors and look instead to companies with a conscience. Some are a little more expensive, but you are getting something usually well made and longer lasting. The French company Sezane has been on my radar lately. Beautifully made French designed clothes collections consisting of silk dresses with ditzy prints, flattering wrap skirts and gorgeous knitwear all complete with that French insouciance that’s hard to button down. I like the fact that the collections are limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Their successful charity initiative DEMAIN, helps unfairly disadvantaged children globally. A scheme where on the 21st of every month, a new design is introduced and profits go directly to their charity and in addition 10% of other sales online go towards this cause. Their pieces retail on average at £90 per piece with tops at £50 – yes a little pricier but you are getting something a little more individual and unusual here.

Let’s not forget the high street chains who are also really doing their bit. Namely Zara and H&M with their focus on recycling and fabrics that have less of an environmental impact. Zara’s Join Life section uses a lot of TENCEL (the trademarked version of LYOCELL and a form of RAYON) materials in their clothing – a soft silk-like fabric made from renewable cellulose wood fibre.

FIVE great things about this material:

  1. It requires far less chemical processing than other fibres (which means less chemical waste). Its processing operates on what’s known as a ‘Closed Loop Production System’ meaning most of the chemicals used are recaptured and reused continuously.
  2. The final product is completely biodegradable.
  3. Less water and energy are said to be needed in the manufacturing process.
  4. It requires a lot less dye and bleach than cotton using lower impact dyeing processes.
  5. It’s a naturally breathable and absorbent fabric (50% more so than cotton) which is very soft on the skin, making it an ideal alternative to synthetic active/sports wear.


Anyway onto Sashdujour’s edit for transitional dressing! Scroll down to the end and you’ll see the gallery of chosen items. You can click on each one to go directly through to the item to make things easier for you! You’re welcome 😉 They are a mix of wishful thinking (for when the sun does come out), practicality for a changeable British summer and worst case scenario, for when everything is turned on its head and we need to dive back into bigger coats again just for one day.

Unfortunately the widget I use to showcase these items doesn’t list H&M nor Zara clothing and the Tencel clothes I saw on there didn’t look all that appealing. However, see the picture of me below in a red Zara Tencell shirt from their Join Life collection this season. Sooo comfy and easy to wear. Zara is also doing a lot of linen this season – in keeping with the new trend for more earthy materials, colours and styling this summer. Linen is another more eco friendly material to consider. Just take a look on the Zara website and their special Linen Collection to see the lovely things on offer at the moment.



Shirting & Dresses

Easy shirt dresses feature strongly below. There are two striped options from Mango that would be great for the office or day to day wear with leather grecian flat sandals or espadrilles. A purple, floaty chiffon maxi dress from the same retailer is a great holiday dress and would look sensational styled with turquoise jewellery and a tan (begotten safely of course!)

Three aspirational (in my dreams) dresses thrown in for good measure include… A maxi leopard print Crepe de Chine number. Waaay out of my price range, but it’s gorgeous and is there purely for inspiration. Silk leopard print can look wonderful. I saw this with my own eyes in the  & Other Stories store in Paris last month when I spied a beautiful leopard print shirt for about 40 Euros (click Here). Looks great with jeans or a red pencil skirt. Two French brands I love feature – Iro and Equipment. Again, I won’t be spending £495 and £240 anytime soon on a new dress but these brands are SO worth looking out for on The Outnet where they are often hugely discounted.


Bags & Shoes

Net shopping bags are all the rage on Insta currently and actually have been for about 2 years now. Elevated from corner shop status to riviera chic – ah the power of social media and those pesky influencers! Anyway I really like them. I don’t own one but have my eye on the red one from ASOS. They add a pop of colour and cheekiness to a summer outfit and all for under £10. I love the Isabel Marant shoes featured below and they are discounted. The dove grey wedges and prissy courts are so French and pretty darn chic and timeless if you ask me.


Tops, Skirts, Co-Ords & Blazers

First up – the oxblood leather skirt in the sale at Reiss. Gorgeous, classy and understatedly sexy with a silk blouse. Very Carine Roitfeld. I’ve included the Gucci top, well because it looks great and gives an idea of what’s really trending currently. And of course logo t-shirts are all the rage. Hush Homewear do some really nice slogan tees at the mo if you wanted to update this way for far less. Also Gucci-esque in it’s own way (with the go faster striped band at the bottom) is the forest green green top from Mango. Lightweight but long sleeved so ideal for a cool summer’s day here in the UK.

The crepe cornflower blue Reiss top is reduced and a good summer workwear piece if ever there was one. Could be worn under the pale duck egg blue Reiss blazer I’ve also featured for the ultimate in tonal dressing. Talking of blazers, I adore this striped linen blazer from Mango. It screams summer even if it doesn’t feel like it outside and is a great cover up over a strappy summer dress, or blue/white jeans and a silk spaghetti strapped vest. A linen blazer is always a good investment – you’ll get a tonne of wear out of it.

How cute are the Freepeople pyjamas? I must admit when I first saw these I didn’t realise they were sleepwear, rather a summery co-ord set. Which you could totally wear them as on a hot summer’s day or evening with the right jewellery and shoes.


Warmer Jackets & Some Perfume (Oh & a Notebook!)

So ‘Worst Case Scenario’ as mentioned at the start. A proper coat for when it’s summer but a chilly evening. You know the ones in Britain when the dew settles but you are still sitting outside somewhere. The blue Mango coat with visible seams is smart so ideal for work, the green parka is great for festivals and looks brilliant over Boho dresses. Finally the puffa jacket is for days when it fails to go over 10 degrees celcius and believe me, we’ve had these. I love the stacked ‘art teacher’ bangles – great for styling plain linen dresses with. The Aerin Hibiscus Palm perfume is something I have my eye on but need to save my pennies for. A gorgeous juicy scent for summer with hints of jasmin, ginger and coconut – an exotic holiday in a bottle! The notebook is purely a selfish thing (you can do that on your own blog!) and reflects my constant quest for organisation and a seamless admin system in my home office. I’ll get there one day! 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s been useful. Drop your comments below! I really do LOVE hearing from you and as always appreciate you following my little blog. Enjoy the sun this weekend!  XXX


*This post contains affiliate links in the scroll above, which means I receive a very small percentage of any sale made. This does not cost you anything and does not affect the content I post in any way at all. All opinions are my own. 

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