Baby It’s Cold Outside 


Is it still winter? That’s a resounding yep. Plus oh joy, we are all set for a ‘polar vortex’ this weekend in the UK which will prolong the ‘W’ word even more. It’s all too easy to project ahead to warmer times when your Insta feed is filled with your favourite grammers’ constant mentions of spring and pictures of ditzy dresses and straw bags. I’m guilty of this myself with my TBT pics to summer 2017. It’s wishful thinking really. A kind of positive visualisation that all us humans do in the hope that if we mention something often enough, it WILL transpire. Saying that, it clearly hasn’t worked for us yet! Give it time I say….give it time…
Anyway, I’m trying harder to be more prescriptive in my blog planning and am now working from a forward features list! Are you impressed? I realised I’ve been remiss in the ‘Objects to Desire & Inspire’ feature, which I promised back in November would be a monthly thing. Anyway, it will probably be more of a seasonal or ‘when I feel like it’ thing, which I think is ok.


Seven Easy Ways to Raise Your Winter Wardrobe Game (without sacrificing on warmth)  
So below are SEVEN ways to pimp up your winter wardrobe without sacrificing on warmth & comfort and then there’s the option to ‘Shop the look’ on the link at the end if you so desire. All these items showcase what I’m definitely seeing and feeling trend-wise currently. As always, I’ve kept everything affordable but with a couple of aspirational pieces thrown in for good measure, you know, in case I win the lottery.
The order of the day is most definitely comfort. There’s no point in me going all off the scale summery when at this point in the year, we are all just waiting for spring to come and want to feel warm, covered up or with the option of adding and subtracting more layers as need be.

1. ‘Have You Got that track on Vinyl?’ –  The Surprising Appeal of Vinyl Trousers

I’ve found that a good way of adding some pizzaz in the winter months is via the high shine of VINYL. It’s surprisingly easy to make a outfit look good when vinyl is part of the equation. I KNOW, I was surprised too. All the connotations with punk styling and 1980s Soho are actually a GOOD thing (well maybe not 1980s Soho actually) and it adds a real edge to a big jumper. Vinyl records, vinyl trousers – now there’s a rock n’ roll connection. If you want to feel comfortable but not ‘meh’ then add some vinyl – I dare you. I have vinyl leggings from Miss Pap (I know I’m going against my resolutions here on not buying anything bad for the environment/fast fashion, so I do actually feel guilty. But then I won’t throw them away, I’m getting good wear out of them, plus I will recycle them when the time comes. They are fine… I guess they could have been better quality but then, they merely represent a texture beneath a long jumper or coat. No one is going to notice the cut of them too much. I was worried they would not flatter my curvy/athletic legs but I was wrong – they’re pretty flattering. I think due to the high shine and how it reflects the light? I wore them with heels, I wore them with pink suede trainers and for once the flats won in the style stakes. I also wore them to the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A with my Isabel Marant coat and I felt good and not out of place amongst the St Martin’s fashion students and bloggers able to carry off a turban hat.



Trousers | Misspap (current)   Bag | Zara (current)   Coat | Walter Baker at The Outnet (old but similar here)



2. The Paper Bag Trouser A well-cut baggier trouser in a pale blue or bright green shade (complete with go faster side stripes) are a lovely alternative to jeans when you want a bit more formality and comfort. Even a floral print pictured below is lovely. The flash of colour is a big bonus. Pair with a good heel, a silk blouse and a leather biker and you have grown up chic at your disposal. Easy. I find heels work best for me and elongate the look as opposed to pairing with a trainer, but both look the biz.






3. Orange Coats (or any colourful coat for that matter)

So here it’s a case of any colour as long as it’s NOT black. Or navy or charcoal. It’s all about lifting ourselves out of the grey gloom of winter and planting one foot firmly in the green  (but yes slightly muddy) grass of spring. We wanna stand OUT in the crowds on Waterloo Bridge on the way to work, not blend in. I bumped into a friend at the station on my way up to London and she was wearing a beautiful burnt orange hued coat and it looked fantastic. And also refreshing on a cold bright day. I’m a firm believer in colour therapy when it comes to clothes and wearing something like this can lift the spirits (even if it’s only temporarily, it’s worth a try right?) There’s a lovely selection of orange coats in the ‘Shop the Look’ link PLUS I’ve also added in a pale blue checked coat from Mango for good measure as it’s so darn delicious.




4. The Good Black Backpack 

Now this IS case of any colour as LONG AS it’s BLACK. I’ve got a ‘thing’ for black backpacks and have just ordered one in the sale at The Outnet (the Iris and Ink range). I’m looking for something sturdy and practical here. I’ve done a lot of walking, walking and more walking around the wonderful city of ours that is London this month and want nothing more than to charge off into the distance without worrying about a big bag falling off my shoulder every minute. I also don’t like the look of carrying a bag in the crook of my arm (too matronly or something?!) I also LOVE the sporty look of donning the backpack with whatever you’re wearing – a suit, a big ovoid coat, even a sporty long jersey dress – a backpack adds dynamism and also another layer of warmth on your back in the depths of winter.




5. All Saints 

I also have a BIG thing for All Saints at this very moment in my life! Not the band, although they are brilliant too of course (what happened to their comeback?) The shop that I formerly wrote off for being a bit too EMO, too neutral-toned and a little too unstructured in its sartorial approach in the past, I NOW just love. Funny that. Their jumpers are fantastic quality and how they drape and are cut – SO flattering. They do kind of basic stuff with a lovely, sometimes deconstructed twist. When all you are wearing in February is a cosy jumper, then I want mine to have some semblance of style and whizz bang. I got myself a charcoal Drina draped cardigan in their Jan sale (it’s one of their bestsellers – see the white one pictured in the link below) as a thin layer under a heavy coat and it’s just beautiful. Covers you in all the right places, doesn’t bulk and the fabric falls just right. Their shoes, their t-shirts and their coats and specifically their leather jackets – you think you don’t need them but then you look closer and wow… Gorgeous wardrobe staples I would say and on the right side of edgy too.





6. Trainers 

The ‘ugly’ trainer trend has well and truly touched down for spring. I personally can’t see myself wearing the large, somewhat boat-like Louis Vuitton inspired ones that seem to be filtering down to the British High Street at the minute. However I CAN see myself wearing many of the beauties featured in the link, especially anything from Kurt Geiger. After my foray into the world of flats last weekend in London, I can definitely see myself getting some more souped up ones for the summer (See KG’s Gucci-esque gold pair and you’ll get the picture).

Coat | Isabel Marant at The Outnet (old but find similar in grey here )   Striped green & black shirt | Mango      (current)
Vinyl leggings as before   Bag | Zara (last season but find similar here  )   Suede trainers | H&M Premium (black Friday sale but find similar here    )





7. Mish Mash So these were the items I had to include, but didn’t want to categorize. Think of them as a gift. 🙂 The designer spring dress in a fresh green, the Byredo fragrance that I’m *dying* to try, the red suit full of attitude and nail varnish to match. The brick coloured body that in my mind would look stunning on with a pair of crisp white cropped jeans. MIH jeans – always a winner and so incredibly flattering. The Mango jumpsuit – currently seen on many uber fashionistas everywhere on Insta. A lurex bomber jacket with a red sporty trim from HUSH – want. A red silk shirt and fitted guipure lace dress in an unusual petrol blue both from Boden. Normally I don’t gel with Boden’s clothes at all – they are sort of weirdly boxy on me. However these items caught my eye. Let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed this post – post your comments below lovely people and until next time. xxx

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