Inside and Out 

I love interior design almost as much as I love fashion. It just so happens that my gaze has been drawn more to clothes lately for the blog, but there was a time when my passion for both was interchangeable. I’ve neat piles of old Elle Decoration, Living Etc & World of Interiors magazines around the house, looking very decorative of course but also perfectly placed for dipping into now and again for inspiration (and when I don’t want to look at a screen and Pinterest). So many different styles appeal and my taste is pretty eclectic. From faded country house grandeur to clean white lines, bohemia and upscale hotel gloss. My own house however does not reflect *exactly* what my interior tastes are or how I’d like them to be. I’d really like a nicer sofa, for example, or more high quality lamps around the living room and lots of original art on the walls. But the main thing is I still love my home and it will do for now. It’s an approximation of my ideal, which is good enough for me. Also not having a bottomless fund and living with two spirited (and pretty amazing) boys puts paid to any notions of grandeur or untouchable luxe. I’m also constantly reminded that its my children’s home too (not just the way toy guns and lego seem to find their way into EVERY room), because they tell me how much they love their home and how they want to spend time in it with us. In many ways I couldn’t want for anything more hearing this from my boys. I’d much rather they leave the odd handprint on the freshly painted walls and their socks dropped down from the floor above into the hallway for washing (must stop that one soon), rather than berating them for touching a silk cushion or moving an ornament to use in an imaginary game. Although there’s plenty of berating when it comes to the living space. Mostly from me urging them to tidy their rooms, to hang their clothes up, and take their shoes off when they come in from the outside. But the point is, they are fully PART of the house, every bit and as a result, they are invested in it and the way it looks and feels as a home and a space. And of this I’m proud. I really dislike living in chaos and need some semblance of order to exist and function properly in an environment. My boys know this now and (mostly!) feel this way too, so they have become pretty good at clearing the dinner table after eating and making sure things look okay-ish around the house if I ask them. My oldest boy also really enjoys looking at interiors now and can appreciate aesthetics and in particular what makes something cosy (a pet passion of his!) This is such a lovely thing to share with him and bond over. I mean who else takes a heavy Taschen ‘New York Interiors’ coffee table book to read in bed? Like mother, like son. 😉


Objects To Desire & Inspire 

Below lovely readers, as is fitting of this regular feature of mine, is a selection of gorgeous objects for the home. They reflect my tastes and what I look at for inspiration. I’m coveting all of them I’ll be honest, but sadly my purse strings don’t stretch that far. If I had to pick out one or two, the grey sheepskin rug is firmly on my list as well as a luxe candle. Anyway, I hope you’ll some inspiration for Christmas gifts or even stuff to earmark for the January sales.  And when I get better at working my pro camera, I’ll do some photos of my own home! Happy Scrolling! xx

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