I’m With the Band…

Seventies styling done the right way, has something pretty special about it and the fashion world obviously thinks so too. It seems to be a constant on the radar for designers looking to convey a swagger that’s synonymous with rock stars and free spirits. There are variations of course and especially these days when trends don’t apply in such an enforced way and everything is so much more democratic – thank god.  From the easy and casual signature Californian beachy look to the more polished city glamour of wrap dresses and Disco – there’s a lot to choose from within this decade. Flares, maxi skirts, heels and big sunglasses have been the go-to looks now for a very long time for uber stylist Rachel Zoe and it never seems to date on her. In fact she is a great example of how this decade can be done properly. I’m hoping I’ve styled the dresses in the images below ‘properly’ with the slouchy knee-high boots, beret and sunglasses, but you can be the judge. More than anything, it was hard to escape the fact that on first sight, these dresses immediately brought back memories of LP album beside the record player in my childhood home. Also old magazines with covers featuring slender women wearing maxi dresses and platforms! Happy daze.


Knowing Me, Knowing You…

Ah Abba. Ever since I set eyes on their ‘Arrival’ album cover at the age of 5 (you know the one –  white jumpsuits, tan slouchy boots and a helicopter) they’ve been firm style icons in my book. Despite some of their more kitschy glam rock get ups, they also did the more grown-up seventies look very well. The pale silk blouses tucked into midi skirts, a thin belt and all worn with leather knee high boots and shoulder length hair – this was the height of sophistication to my young eyes back then. I think this gorgeous geometric striped Zara dress with a buttoned high collar is something Agnetha or Frieda would have worn, don’t you? I absolutely love the high neckline and puff sleeves – they feel so different, almost Edwardian in the cut. There are also some modest slits at the side so you have room to walk with ease and don’t feel restrained or even trapped in a long immovable dress. Paired with slouchy suede boots (purchased from Russell and Bromley years ago), I think the outfit really packs a visual punch. I’m guessing the outfit would work well at a more casual winter wedding or a daytime event that’s a little more informal. Excuse the mud on the heels of the boots in the first picture above, but I walked across a marshy lawn to get to the right spot for the photo – keeping it real! Wear this dress with a beret (this one is soft brown chenille – again years old) and there’s an element of Sandinista rebel chic here too. I was a tad disappointed that it wasn’t more flattering around the hip area for me, but this may be more to do with my new found curves of late and I’m fully embracing them. In fact I’m still getting to grips with the necessary process of looking through pictures of myself for this blog (some flattering, some not so!) But it’s a good lesson in being dispassionate about stuff, growing a thicker skin and accepting who I am and who I’m becoming – something very liberating for me. Viva La Revolucion! 😉



Dress | Zara £89.99

Pendant | Missoma £125.00

Boots | Vintage Russell & Bromley

Bag | Marc Jacobs


Mercury’s In Retrograde

So this was fun. A floaty, devore floral wrap dress, again from the brilliant Zara (my word, their AW17 collection and ad campaign, I mean have you SEEN it? I want it all). Once more I utter the sentence ‘this is a style I’d never normally choose for myself’ but it’s true as I’d ordinarily prefer something simpler and less flouncy. Also as I’m quite hourglass (I think!), dresses like this do tend to swamp me a little, but I saw it on a friend of a friend a few weekends ago while we were out one evening and it looked beautiful on her. I love the mix of rich and almost decadent colours and materials. Certainly it reminds me of my mum’s ‘Biba’ outfits she wore when I was a child (her stories about the actual Biba shop itself on the King’s Road in London are just great). It’s fun and comfy to wear as it hangs well and feels secure and not prone to some of the failings of a wrap dress. It would probably come into its own as an easy, dressy outfit for Christmas if you wanted something a little vampy but not too revealing. Wear it with a longish gold pendant and a smile on your face and you’ll exude a laissez faire attitude that’s hard to beat. In fact, the whole thing brings to mind the styling of early Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks in the 70s. It’s kind of witchy and high camp and purrrfect for Halloween. Think a psychedelic ‘Hammer House of Horror’ heroine meets Kate Bush…Enough said.





Dress | Zara 69.99

Sunglasses | Thierry Lasly at The Outnet

Boots | As before


So this concludes part two of my story dedicated to dresses (long, short and in-between). I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.. I’ve had real fun experimenting and I hope this shines through in the pictures and the editorial. The final instalment of the trilogy will feature two dresses with a slightly 80s vibe and available on the British high street as we speak… But next week I’ll be showcasing a small and fun Halloween special featuring two outfits (day and evening) that may befit the season. Thanks as ever for stopping by… Until then! x

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