I’ve always loved fashion and style. From early childhood it’s represented something aspirational, all encompassing and almost fantastical to me. As a very young girl, I mythologized my stylish mother as her identity was revealed to me through her wardrobe. I have so many memories, like stills or grainy 70s and 80s magazine editorials lodged firmly in my mind. I can still see her now, walking ahead of me on a side street on Fitzrovia, wearing fitted black flares, high heeled clogs, a pink ribbed polo neck, a silk head scarf tied around her thick blonde hair and swathed in the heady scent of Rive Gauche perfume. Or a photo of mum I took to school one day, aged four – she was at a black tie do, sporting a blue, short-sleeved, flowing chiffon Maxi dress with platform shoes and matching blue eyeshadow. She once bought a white cotton voile button-down midi dress with tiny delicate pink roses on the fabric while on a family holiday to Virginia, USA. Even then, aged seven I recognized this to be the perfect dress as she wandered the historic town of Harpers Ferry, trying to cope with three fractious young children in the searing West Virginian summer heat.

But enough of the past! Before I get all ridiculously nostalgic and misty eyed on you, I want to talk about what style means to me now. It’s meant many things in the past and of course this is a no-brainer as fashions change. As a twenty-something young woman, it was all about the latest trends, going to Topshop Oxford Circus – every… single… day in my lunch hour. Despite having always had a pretty strong sense of what I liked, I was finding my way and in many respects I still am. But now a bit older, I like to think I can spot items that will actually suit me. The idea of trends is so nebulous and outmoded now but I still love to get inspiration from magazines and the catwalk and street style is now my biggest influence. I’m trying to seek out the more unusual brands and attempting to make the move away from fast fashion (with the odd bargainous blip), to something more enduring and of better quality. These days I’m on the hunt for shirt-dresses, quality basics, stylish coatigans and flattering jeans. The Sports Luxe trend sat very well with me, being a mum of two physical and pretty spirited boys, as I now value comfort in a big way. But I’m not quite ready for permanent elasticated waists yet (though there’s a time and place obviously). Right here, right now, I want to get into skirts more, both midi and mini and to invest in a timeless leather jacket.
Sasha Kanal

I’m no expert and one of the many reasons for starting my blog was to experiment, change my style up a bit and enjoy the ride. Life is short and, sh*t, as we all know definitely happens, so let’s have fun while we can.


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