If you’re anything like me, Halloween is almost as exciting as Christmas.. dare I say it, even MORE so? It heralds autumn and the true arrival of cosy season. The mornings are beautifully chilly, dewy and fresh but there are still warm, golden-hued days ahead and often amazing light to make the most of during the days. The opportunity to start afresh clothes-wise is another huge draw of course. Rich berry-hued and earth tone clothes, flattering coats and boots – all as luscious as a pumpkin latte. And it’s hard to believe, but all those summer clothes that may still lying about, waiting patiently to be put away for the winter just look so WRONG. The pretty gingham prints and zingy colours and delicate pastels that seemed perfect in July, look wan and insubstantial in the autumnal night, lacking any gravitas at all in your wardrobe. This is when sleek leather leggings, big geometric scarves and camel coats come into their own, and rightly so as they are truly things of wonder. And during the run up to October 31st, I love the idea that Halloween season is also a chance for out and out high camp. If you’re someone who loves dressing up, then it’s a fun time when anything is possible, your imagination can run wild and you won’t be judged (well hopefully not too harshly anyway).

Talking of fun, I’ve had my fair share of goofball moments with outfits for Halloween parties in the past, from parading as a scarecrow to being the ‘Lady with the Log’ from Twin Peaks. However, these days, I seem to have all these great ideas prior to Halloween and then just don’t get it together in time to do something AMAZING and far out (a la Heidi Klum), when it comes to it. I mean who truly has the time and money to go all out (I mean ALL OUT) for a night trudging joyfully in the rain with the kids holding a bucket and making small talk with the neighbours, as you dutifully go from door to door? Unless you are going to a big Halloween party, then normally it’s a pair of cat ears and a black dress and some extra makeup for me while the children go mad around the house with excitement. So this post is a tribute to the realistic side of All Hallows Eve. It’s simply two outfits in deference to all the shadowy, silly fun of Halloween… an approximation of the season if you want… See in it what you will. Read into it what you will – that’s the point of Halloween surely?


Winter Is Coming…


I like to think the daytime look above with the wet look leggings and high boots has a look of armour about it (well that’s what my son said). A little bit Game of Thrones or Joan of Arc maybe?! It’s my take on daytime Gothic (I always wanted to be a goth as a teen, like my idols Robert Smith of The Cure or Siouxsie Sioux, but back then my hair was too frizzy to crimp). 😉 It’s as comfy as it is warm thanks to the coat by Scandi label Ganni which I purchased last year in the sale at Atterly. I think it’s the absolute definition of that old-fashioned term – a ‘car coat’, especially in shape, as it’s roomy and doesn’t pull or stretch when you turn etc. I think the cocoon shape (so last year darling) balances well with the fitted look of the leggings which I got from Italian high street brand Calzedonia. The coat also allows you to wear a nice big jumper underneath. The one in the picture is by Line – a great quality Californian knitwear company stocked at The Outnet and again purchased in their sale (I don’t buy much outside of the sales as you can tell). I really like the Cavalier look of the boots (bought years ago but hardly worn) and the fact they aren’t too high, so they don’t have a ‘Pretty Woman’ look to them if you get my drift? Actually that could also be a good look for Halloween if you’re brave enough…err maybe.


Coat | Ganni

Jumper | Line at The Outnet

Leggings | Calzedonia

Necklace | Missoma

Sunglasses | Silk Fred


Season of the Witch

I absolutely LOVE the dress above. It’s the designer collaboration between fashion darling Altuzarra and US high street stalwart Target. I got it from Net A Porter two years ago and got up early to go online and buy it amid the scrum of fashionistas trying to do the same. I also bought a beautifully rich velvet tuxedo jacket and matching trousers from the same line all at less than about £35 a piece – a bargain for a slice of semi designer tailoring. I think the rich wine colour is just perfect for this time of year. Like a deep Pinot Noir. The look is, I’ll admit, leggy and a bit foxy but you can temper it with thick tights and a black silk evening scarf if you’re worried it’s too much. In fact, I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a dress so low cut out and would cover up for sure, but for my slightly fiercer alter ego Sashdujour then I shall oblige! There are plenty of dresses on the high street like this right now, from The Outnet which does a good line in body con evening wear at the mo as well as Zara, Mango and H&M where I’ve spotted a few alluring wrap dresses in deep jewel like hues.







Dress & Jacket | Altuzarra for Target

Necklace | Missoma

Shoes | Kurt Geiger


Have fun this Halloween and do feel free to post any good outfit ideas or even photos of costumes in the comments below if you get a chance. Next time, it’s the final instalment of my ode to dresses with a slightly vintage styling – ‘The Long & Short of It’.

I’ve also got an amazing competition coming up for the beginning of November which I’m truly thrilled about and excited to bring you, so stay tuned.  xxx

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